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At Pers Group, we help with a machine solution that suits your needs.

In our test center, you can bring your items and have the possibilities tested and see the machines in operation.
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Turbo machines type Turbo-Line are available as either manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Round vibrator type Vibra-Line with integrated separation system and noise reduction lid.

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When it comes to surface finishing, PERS GROUP is know to offer complete well engineered process solutions. Based on our knowledge of mass finishing and shot blasting technologies we can provide our customers with unlimited finishing solutions.

Round vibration surfaces finishing takes place in a bowl placed on springs. The vibratory energy is induced by a vibratory motor that is mounted in the center of the bowl. The vibration create the movement of media against the parts. The continuous feeding of water and compound support the finishing process.

Our Vibra-line are equipped with integrated separation plate. This allows separating the finishing parts from the media wich allows you to separate the media(Chips) from your workpieces.

Vibra-line rotary machines are extremely flexible. Application includes deburring, grinding, general part cleaning, de-scaling, degreasing and polishing.

PERS GROUP offer assorted sizes of Vibra-Line – depending of your parts you can choose the various models from 60 to 660 Liters (volume)

Chips can be made in different shapes and materials i.e. ceramic, plastic or metal.
Addition of chemicals in the process water has a positive effect on the processing quality and protects the surface depending on the addition i.e. corrosion.