Our Distributors / Partner in Europe

Tritschler Maschinen

1 A Maschinen

HDM & Innowema G. Föckler e. K

Hanse Chemie


AB Maskin Erlandsson & Hjorth

Our partner in Sweden is Erlandsson & Hjorth

Erlandsson & Hjorth was founded in 1968 and have many years of experience in their line of work.

At Elandsson & Hjorth you will find a modern warehouse where you can choose between 400  machines.

We always do our best to serve your individual demands.


Maskin AB Erlandsson & Hjorth,   281 22 Hässleholm, Sverige
E-mail: info@erlandsson-hjorth.se

Phone:  +46 451 840 20

Welcome to website: www.erlandsson-hjorth.se

Partner Deutchland

Our partner Tritschler Maschinen & Werkzeuge


Tritschler Maschinen & Werkzeuge
Jürgen Tritschler
Unter Greut 22
79790 Küssaberg

Phone: +49 (0) 7741 / 80 71 83
Fax:      +49 (0) 7741 / 80 92 91
Mobile: +49 (0) 172 / 750 99 98
E-Mail: info@tritschler-maschinen.de

Website: www.tritschler-maschinen.de


Our partner Hanse Chemie GmbH

At Hanse Chemie you find high-specialized solutions for particular areas of the material-handlings technology, especially the section transportation of bulk material.

Hanse Chemie GmbH is an innovative owner-managed, and founded in 1974.

If necessary, we offer furthermore customised maintenance and service performances. Use on our decades of experience in the contact with specialized requests. As result, you get solutions geared to the needs.

Website : www.hansechemie.com


Hanse Chemie GmbH
Rheydter Straße 284
D-41065 Mönchengladbach

Phone:. +49 (0)2161 92683-0
Fax:        +49 (0)2161 21052
E-mail:  info@hansechemie.com

Our partner HDM Innowema

HDM Innowema is a commercial agency for tools and machines for metal.
HDM Innowema was founded in 1993 and Gerhard Föckler is the company´s founder and owner.


HDM & Innowema G. Föckler e.K
Bahnhofstraße 40

D-67310 Hettenleidelheim

Phone: +49 (0)6351 45367
Fax:       +49 (0)6351 36666
E-mail: info@hdm-innowema.de


HDM & Innowema G. Föckler e.K
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 8
D-67304 Eisenberg

Our partner 1 A Maschinen

1A Maschinen is your for purchase and sale of new and used machines and tools for processing metal.
They buy your machines tools or find the right buyer for you.
In addition they offer a wide range of new machines and tools from leadin manufacturers.

Visit Website: www.1a-maschinen.de


1A Maschinen
Drachenseestr. 10
D-81373 München, Bayern
Phone: +49 (0) 172 85 1111 4

E-mail:  info@1a-maschinen.de
Website: www.1a-maschinen.de

Our partner in Holland – KOEJTE HSC PLUS

The products that KOEJTE HSC PLUS delivers as well as their know-how and their service ensure that your production process meets the currents requirements.

KOEJTE has 30 years of experience in machines and industrial metal cleaning.


Dorpsstraat 139
NL-9699 PG Vriescheloo

Phone:      +31 (0)597 54 18 84
Phone:      +31 (0)597 76 80 04 (direct)
Mobile:     +31 (0) 6 415 00 457
E-mail: jeroen.koetje@hscplus.nl  
Website: www.hscplus.nl