Degreasing and cleaning

Solvent-based degreasing, air drying
Solvent-based degreasing, water rinsable
Water-based degreasing to industry
Water-based degreasing All round

Teijo Cleaning maschins for industrial use have been manufactured since 1967 and delivered over 16.000 Teijo cleaning machines.
Teijo is know for it´s high quality, reliability and flexibility. At Pers group we deliver cleaning machines and spare parts.

Teijo TL serie is Top-loading cleaning machines and they efficiently clean smal and medium sized components.
Top-loading machines are manufactured in two sizes: TL-650SS and TL-900SS. The number show in the model´s name indicate the rotation diameter of the spray arm in millimeters.

Teijo C serie is Single stage cleaning machines. Their cleaning effectiveness and capacity is high and are manufactured in six sizes: C800 uo to C2600. The machines can be equipped with either manually operated hinged door or Pneumatic lifting door.

Teijo Multi stage cleaning machines are designed for applications that require higher cleaning standards. The extra rinsing phases make sure that alle cleaning detergent residue is washed off the surface of the components.
Multi stage cleaning machines are manufactured in five sizes.
The small machines are equipped with two tanks, larger models are availble with either two or three tanks.
All multi stage cleaning machines have a pneumatic lifting door and all can de equipped with load platform or load trolly.


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