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Forbehandlingskemikalier Aluminium
Forbehandlingskemikalier Stål - Zink
Combined degreasing and pickling agent for aluminium

Vibratory deburring is an effective and gentle method of cleaning and removing burrs after machining on metal or plastic parts.
The Deburring itself is done by placing the parts in a vibratory deburring machine, which is covered with rubber PU coating that ensures that the parts are not damaged during deburring.

A compound and water are used along with chips, which can be plastic or ceramic and in various shapes to suit the workpieces.
The result of the surface depends on the choice og chips/ consumables.

Consumables or Chips for deburring machines are available in Ceramic, Plastic as well as Porcelain and Stainless.

At Pers Group, we have Consumables / Chips in stock and can deliver from day to day.
Please see the entire Chips / Consumables overview.

Compound is used for degreasing and deburring together with the consumables.
At Pers Group, we have the right compound, which increases the deburring speed and efficiency of the process.

At Pers Group we have the the machine solutions that is right for you.

Browse our entire machine catalogue and tind the deburring machine that suit your needs and your parts.
Here you will find vibratory machines, Vibra Line, Both circular vibratory as well as manual, semi automatic as well as fully automatic Turbo machines, Turbo Line.

The Turbo Line deburring machines do the deburring up to 10 times faster than a circular vibrator.

Danish designed and produced semi automatic Turbo Line machines with integrated waste water solutions for both deburring and polishing of all types of metal, composite or plastic parts.

Fully automatic Turbo  machines, Turbo Line for heavy duty deburring and polishing of metal and plastic parts

Watch the movie with Pers Group, Fully automatic Turbo Line system

Surface treatment – Rust and corrosion protection.
Stainless steel picking – Stainless steel can also rust it´s left untreated after machining. At Pers Group we have SIGGI Programme, which is a Danish developed product range covering all chemical areas concerning the correct treatment of stainless steel surfaces.

Bath pickling or dip pickling for oxidised parts and acid tolerant surfaces.

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