Cold paint remover
Cold - warm and hot paint remover
Rust and corrosions protection
Pickling stainless steel
Pickling aluminium
Equipment for pickling

Pre-treatment before painting

Forbehandlingskemikalier Aluminium
Forbehandlingskemikalier Stål - Zink
Combined degreasing and pickling agent for aluminium

Consumables or Chips for deburring machines are available in Ceramic, Plastic as well as Porcelain and Stainless.

At Pers Group, we have Chips in stock and can deliver from day to day.
Please see the entire Chips / Consumables overview.

Compound is used for degreasing and deburring together with the consumables.
At Pers Group, we have the right compound, which increases the deburring speed and efficiency of the process.

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